Expanding Your Reach

To upscale and help drive real, bottom line, business results there are many strategies that can be implemented and tailored to suit your goals. Below is a guide of the areas we can assist to strengthen your business.


Creating a visually compelling brand story.

The aesthetic of a brand extends further than the overall look and feel. It encompasses the tone, mood and personality of your business to bring a sense of authenticity to the consumers. With a multitude of touchpoints along a customer journey, it binds a consistent message bringing clarity and trustworthiness to your brand.

Our speciality is custom designed unique eCommerce websites. We also provide the option to photograph & video your entire product range to ensure best quality imagery being displayed.

Pony Rider's Custom Responsive Web Design Neto Website on mobile
Neto's Amazon Australia Integration


Implementing addition revenue streams.

One of the best features of Neto eCommerce is its ability to extend your business model and to sell in a range of different ways. With the launch of Amazon Australia, there's never been a better time to capitalise on the worlds largest marketplace through Neto's Amazon integration sales channel.

Take advantage of Neto's other sales channels such as point of sale (Neto POS), eBay, wholesale B2B to broaden your sales funnel; or offer additional payment methods to your customers like AfterPay and Zip Money.

Neto Amazon Expert
Neto eBay Expert
Neto Afterpay Expert
Neto Zip Money Expert


Expert optimisation to gain traffic.

To build a desired stream of traffic, requires a proactive method of attraction. Consumers are drawn to your website by searching for products in search engines or by targeting them directly through social media advertising.

Amazon is renowned worldwide as the destination to purchase products, but did you know that it functions more like a search engine than an eCommerce platform. In recent reports, people are searching for products initially on the Amazon Australia marketplace before searching on Google.

Neto Amazon Expert
Neto Google Expert
Neto Facebook Advertising Expert
Neto Instagram Expert
Search Engine Optimisation for Amazon's SERPs
Neto Smartrmail Integration Setup


Build a loyal following.

It's much easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to procure new ones. Marketing shouldn't solely consist of selling, but a method of communication to your followers, aimed at strengthening their connection with your brand.

Automated personalised email marketing has become an effective way to tailor content to each person, which is actioned through behavioural triggers.

Neto MailChimp Expert
Neto Infusionsoft Expert
Neto Intercom Expert
Neto Smartrmail Expert


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